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Green Bowl, Happy Pet: Why It's Time to Try Vegetarian Pet Food

by Addiction Foods on April 12, 2024

Green Bowl, Happy Pet: Why It's Time to Try Vegetarian Pet Food 

Choosing the right pet food can feel overwhelming with so many options out there. But if you're looking for something healthy for your pet and better for the planet, vegetarian pet food is worth considering. Here's a quick look at why going green with your pet's diet might be a good move, and how Zen Vegetarian by Addiction fits into this.   

Why Go Vegetarian for Your Pet 

Easy on the Tummy: Some pets can't handle meat well or get upset stomachs easily. A vegetarian diet can be gentler and still give them all the nutrients they need. 

Helps with Weight: A vegetarian diet can help prevent obesity in pets by providing balanced nutrition with lower calorie content. They are often rich in fiber, which can aid digestion and help pets feel full without overeating.  

No More Allergies: A vegetarian diet can be beneficial for pets with allergies. It eliminates animal ingredients, which are often the most common allergens1. By removing meat proteins that could cause allergic reactions, it can help alleviate symptoms. 

Choosing vegetarian isn't just good for your pet, it's a plus for the environment as well  

Producing vegetarian pet food offers several benefits to nature, primarily through reduced environmental impact compared to traditional meat-based pet foods. Here are some key reasons. 

Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Vegetarian pet food production typically results in fewer emissions than meat-based food production. This is crucial for reducing our carbon footprint and combating climate change. 

Reduced Land and Water Use: Growing plants for vegetarian pet food generally requires less land and water than raising animals for meat. This conservation of resources helps protect ecosystems and preserves water supplies. 

Decreased Biodiversity Loss: The demand for meat contributes to habitat destruction and biodiversity loss. By opting for plant-based pet food, we can lessen the pressure on wildlife habitats and support biodiversity. 

Zen Vegetarian by Addiction Pet Foods 

When thinking about transitioning to a vegetarian diet for your pet, Zen Vegetarian is a solid choice. It's made with care to make sure your pet gets all the important nutrients without any meat. Plus, you can get up to 50% off Zen Vegetarian 20lbs right now if you subscribe to Addiction Pet Food Subscribe and Save. This is our auto-delivery subscription program that will ensure your pet will always have their dog food delivered either every month or every 2 weeks. You will get 50% off on your first order and 5% off for succeeding deliveries.  

Addiction Zen Vegetarian Dry Dog Food 3

Introducing your pet to a vegetarian diet is a big decision, but Zen Vegetarian makes it easier. With this special offer, you can see if your pet likes it and feels good eating it, all while doing a bit of good for the planet. If you're curious about making the switch, check out our Zen Vegetarian with Subscribe and Save. It's a simple change that could be good for your pet and the environment.