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More Meat, More Adventure: A New Way To Satisfy Your Cat's Innate Cravings

by Addiction Foods on March 01, 2024

Even in our cozy homes, where sunlight streams through windows onto comfy cushions, our pet cats retain a hint of their wild ancestry. They playfully chase toys, watch birds, and exhibit instinctual behaviors. Though domesticated, their primal instincts persist, reminding us of their natural essence. 

The Importance of Nurturing Your Cat's Wildness 

Cats, despite their adaptation to indoor living, possess instincts honed over millennia. These instincts, such as hunting, exploring, and playing, are not just remnants of a wild past but are essential for their physical and mental health. It's crucial, therefore, to engage these instincts to ensure our cats lead fulfilling lives. One fundamental way to connect our pets with their inherent nature is through their diet. In the wild, a cat's diet is a diverse affair, rich in proteins and hydration, elements often diluted in conventional cat foods.  

The Quest for a Natural Diet 

The journey to mimic the natural diet of wild cats for our indoor companions is fraught with compromises. Traditional cat foods, while convenient, frequently fall short of replicating the rich, varied diet a cat would experience in the wild. This discrepancy can lead to nutritional gaps and a longing in our cats that goes beyond the physical—a yearning for the essence of the wild that their nature demands. 

Unleash the Wild: Introducing WILD ISLANDS CANNED CAT FOOD 

 In the heart of New Zealand, a revolution in feline nutrition is brewing, and it's time your cat took a walk on the wild side. Addiction Pet Foods proudly unveils its latest innovation – WILD ISLANDS CANNED CAT FOOD – a culinary masterpiece designed to satisfy the most primal cravings of your beloved feline, while providing unparalleled nutrition and health benefits. We’ve taken our beloved dry food recipes and translated them into wet can equivalents.  

Savagely Satisfying: A Meaty Revolution 

Imagine a feline feast that's 93% meat – a dream come true for your carnivorous companion. WILD ISLANDS CAT IN CANS delivers this with every can, ensuring a high-protein diet that mirrors the natural eating habits of wild cats. This savagely satisfying meal not only tantalizes the taste buds but also fuels their adventurous spirit. 

Wildly Nutritious: The Power of Meat and Organ Meat 

Going beyond conventional cat food, WILD ISLANDS CANNED CAT FOOD incorporates both meat and organ meat, offering a nutrient-dense meal that supports optimal health. This combination ensures your cat benefits from a variety of essential nutrients naturally found in these sources, promoting everything from a healthy heart to a vibrant coat. 

Naturally Fortifying: The Essence of New Zealand 

Infused with the natural wonders of New Zealand, this diet features immunity-boosting Green-Lipped Mussels, Manuka Honey, and Kiwifruit. Each ingredient is chosen for its health benefits; from supporting joint health and offering antibacterial properties to providing a wealth of vitamins and antioxidants. This naturally fortifying formula ensures your cat's diet is as robust as their spirit. 

Added Water Intake: Hydrate the Natural Way 

Understanding the natural aversion cats have to water, WILD ISLANDS CANNED CAT FOOD is designed to increase hydration with every bite. This thoughtful addition supports kidney health and overall well-being, ensuring your cat stays as hydrated as they are nourished. 

The Addiction Difference: Where Nutrition Meets Nature 

Choosing WILD ISLANDS CANNED CAT FOOD isn't just about feeding your cat; it's about embracing a philosophy that values the balance between nature and nutrition. It's about giving your cat a taste of the wild that their instincts crave while ensuring they receive the care and nutrition they need to thrive in today's world. 

While our beloved cats may not roam wild anymore, we can still bring out their untamed side at home. Our new offering isn't just cat food—it's a way to embrace their natural spirit. And, as always, it comes with the trusted Addiction Pet Food quality you know and love.  Unleash the untamed flavors of WILD ISLANDS CANNED CAT FOOD, available HERE.